Monday, June 30, 2008

The Time to Act - Is Now!

In times of uncertainty many of us put off making decisions and spending money while waiting for a sign of what’s next. In business this generally translates into holding back on the seemingly non-essential business elements of training and development. Given our current economic and political state, this behavior has become increasingly prevalent and somewhat understandable...but is it wise? I’m going to suggest that it's not wise. Instead, I believe now is the time to act, and here’s why:

Staff feel safe – As the media announces more lay-offs and increasing unemployment, your staff are likely to be concerned about their paycheck and their job. By maintaining the company plan for training, development, coaching, etc. you silently reassure your staff that their jobs are safe.

Staff feel rewarded – Investing in your staff not only reassures them that they have value to the company, but also provides them with new skills that enhance their own worth.

Clients see you as successful – We may root for the underdog…but we do business with the champ. The messages you send when making smart choices to strengthen and enhance your business and workforce is that you are the champ. Make that statement and others will flock to you.

You outshine your competition – Bold decisions that help grow or enhance your business, will make you instantly look stronger and more capable than those who do not. This competitive advantage extends as you capture clients and talent from the outside, while retaining your own.