Saturday, April 1, 2017

And Now....Introducing...

With great enthusiasm I introduce to you (drum roll please!) Dynamic Team SolutionsWhat was Mediating Solutions has grown up and branched off a bit too!  As a business that has long served organizations whose needs reached beyond mediation and conflict resolution, we finally have a name that reflects the true nature of the services we provide.
Dynamic Team Solutions is your partner in keeping your workplace healthy, productive, profitable, and...dynamic!!         We support you with:

Mediating Solutions - providing conflict resolution and management services. 

Leadership Solutions - with executive coaching and training programs.

Team Solutions - bringing your teams into alignment for better decision making, work flow, and productivity.

We have also built up our team to provide better service and availability to our clients.  We are proud to continue to provide customized projects and programs to fit your needs and circumstances.  

We cannot wait to serve you and to help create a more dynamic experience for you and your employees.  Please, come visit us at