Thursday, December 11, 2008

Connecting via LinkedIn

Are you “Linked-In”? I began using the LinkedIn website several months back, but never made full use of its linking abilities. Now, thanks to two savvy colleagues, I am a bit better educated about how it can help me, you, and other “links” to develop our business through this connection.

The most valuable thing I learned about the site was that it can be used to find an expert or a professional in a particular field or industry. By doing a simple search, the database reviews my links (connections) for matches, then goes on to review their links, and so on. The search then yields a list of all those who match the search criteria, and ranks them by how close a “link” they are to me. This makes it much easier to quickly find a reputable and recommended referral.
If you’d like to join my LinkedIn network, please do so!

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