Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What if?

Today, in our latest experience of terrorist threats, I am compelled to ask….

What if the threat is real?
What if we are in danger?
What if we can’t do anything about it?
What if we had a choice?
What if we looked at our options?
What if we looked at each other?
What if we looked to each other?
What if we looked each other in the eyes?
What if we did that for a moment longer?
What if we joined hands?
What if we held hands?
What if we banded together?
What if we could bond together?
What if what’s missing, is connecting? 
What if you could take steps to change that?
What if we could feel safe?
What if it only took making an effort?
What if you did make that effort?
What if we all did?

We feel safe when we are with others.  Even, especially, when we are in danger.  We need to stop isolating.  We need to stop connecting in a superficial way and begin doing it in a meaningful way.  With our children, our parents, our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers, the waitress, the store clerk, the stranger we pass in the hall, or on the street.  We need to start.  We need to take control of the life we want to lead.

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